Key points

  • Balloons pose a threat to both wildlife and people.
  • You can help by raising awareness and helping inspire policy changes.
  • We have resources available for teachers and journalists.
  • If you know of a planned balloon release, please let us know and we will supply the organisers with a free rental of the film to hopefully avert the release.

How you can help

– Don’t buy balloons –

By far, the greatest thing you can do to put an end to the balloon madness is to simply never purchase a balloon and help spread the word about the dangers of balloon release ceremonies.

– Attend or host a beach cleanup –

Environmental organisations often hold community beach cleanups. If you have an opportunity to attend one, or to organise one, please do!

– Make a tax deductible donation –

Rubber Jellyfish is registered with the Documentary Australia Foundation. Donations made to the film at this stage will be used in our education and outreach strategy.

– Share on social media –

Feel free to save this photo to your computer or phone and share it on your social media channels or share it directly from our Facebook page.

When helium balloons are ‘released’ either accidentally or as part of a ritual they travel all the way to the blackness of near space and burst into these jellyfish shapes. NOAA estimates 70% land in the ocean and are hunted by endangered sea turtles and many other ocean critters. Its time for this to end. #banballoonreleases

– Help the film get into schools –

The film maker and Rubber Jellyfish protagonist Carly is working with the Queensland University of Technology on a slate of educational materials to accompany the film as part of a PhD dissertation on impact strategies for environmental documentaries. These educational materials will be available, once complete, to schools who have purchased a Rubber Jellyfish education licence. School libraries often have a budget for acquiring educational licenses for documentary films. If you have a school aged child or are affiliated with an educational institution, you may suggest the school purchase an educational license to screen the film and allow students to download it.

– Attend or host a screening –

Magic happens when people view this film on the big screen, in the company of like minded souls. Click here to see if there is a screening planned near you or to volunteer to host one if there isn’t.

– Sign the petition  –

We also would like to encourage you to sign this online petition through to ban the release of balloons in Australia and ban the use of helium to inflate balloons in Australia. The petition’s organisers will keep the petition up until they receive a response from the Australian government.

– Follow “Balloons Blow” on social media  –

We would also encourage to “like” the Facebook page and instagram pages for Balloons Blow. Balloons Blow posts ‘calls to action’ and ‘mass littering alerts’ prior to major balloon releases and offers suggestions on who to contact to help avert the release.

– Contact your elected official –

As with all environmental and social issues, it is important to make your elected officials aware of your concerns. We strongly encourage community groups, environmental organisations, and individuals to hold letter writing sessions in support of bans on balloon release ceremonies – particularly if you become aware of a planed release.

– Follow us on social media –

Stay tuned to film updates and news surrounding this issue through Facebook and Instagram.  The film maker (Carly) can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.