For teachers

The film maker and Rubber Jellyfish protagonist Carly is working with the Queensland University of Technology on a slate of educational materials to accompany the film as part of a PhD dissertation on impact strategies for environmental documentaries. These educational materials will be available, once complete, as an ‘education kit’ as part of the film’s educational screening license. Also included in the education kit will be two shorter versions of the film which may be better suited to young children than the full 79 minute feature (which also has two swear words in it).

In the mean time while these materials are being created, educational institutions are welcome to purchase an educational screening license for Rubber Jellyfish which allows the institution to screen the 79 minute full version of the film to an unlimited number of students. One educational screening license is required per school. We will also provide a set of lesson plans for teachers to use in the interim while the formal slate of educational documents are being developed. Once the formal educational documents and the shorter versions of the film are complete, those will be sent out to all education license holders.

Carly will also be available to do Skype Q&A sessions to classes within schools that hold an educational screening license. If you are a local school within the Gold Coast, it may also be possible for her to attend in person.

To enquire about purchasing an educational screening license, please contact us through our contact page or through