For teachers

Rubber Jellyfish is currently available to educators. There are a couple of ways to do this.

  • Educational institutions can purchase of an educational screening license. The license allows the full 79 minute film to be screened to an unlimited amount of students (of the institution) an unlimited amount of times. One educational screening license is required per school.
  • The film is also availalbe in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK on ClickView, an educational programming streaming service for schools. For schools in these territories that do not already subscribe to ClickView, there is an option for a one month trial.
  • We also have a FREE reduced length version of the film that is available on YouTube. Teachers are more than welcome to show the YouTube version of the film to students.

Carly has also created a free teacher workbook via pdf for teachers to use alongside the film. It contains background information, work sheets, an activism through creative writing exercise, a biodegradability experiment, and a literature review.

Carly can often be available for Skype Q&A sessions to classes who have viewed the film (at no charge). She is also available for public speaking appearances.

To enquire about purchasing an educational screening license, booking Carly for a Skype chat or public speaking appearance, or to acquire a digital teacher workbook via pdf,  please contact us through our contact page or through

To enquire about a free trial of Clickview, please visit the Clickview website.