Rubber Jellyfish is currently being screened!

Rubber Jellyfish is making a significant global impact and has been featured on such outlets as Sunrise, Today Tonight, and ABC Radio National. It is currently screening through Demand.Film, the ‘theatre on demand’ service available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA.  Our Demand.Film screening events are only “confirmed” if enough people book tickets. If the minimum ticketing threshold is not reached, the event is canceled and nobody is charged. We rely on the support of people who appreciate independent films and those with an interest in ocean conservation coming out and supporting our local screenings!

There are also some select community screenings of Rubber Jellyfish run directly through environmental organisations.

If you would like to attend a screening of Rubber Jellyfish, please have a look at our screening calendar to see if we have an event planned near you – or you can even volunteer to host a screening if there isn’t! There has been incredible community engagement at all of our screenings. Many have talks by the film maker and other authorities on marine debris. Some have door prizes, some even have sustainable living market stalls! It is definitely worth getting along to one if you can.

If you are interested in purchasing a screening license to hold a community screening of Rubber Jellyfish, please contact us.

Here is a list of Rubber Jellyfish screenings that have already occurred

Community screenings 

Plant 4 Bowden (Adelaide, Australia)

Free Our Seas/Balloons Blow (Florida, USA)

Clink Theatre (Port Douglas, Australia) screenings (available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, & USA)

Olympic Cinema, Bremerton, Washington (USA)

The Pivotonian Cinema, Victoria (Australia)

Cinema Nova, Victoria (Australia)

Event Cinemas, Cronulla, Sydney (Australia)

Village Cinemas Hobart (Australia)

Events Cinemas, Coffs Harbour (Australia)

Event Cinemas Pacific Fair, Gold Coast (Australia)

BCC Cinemas, Mackay (Australia)

Event Cinemas, Brisbane (Australia)

Luna on SX, Fremantle (Australia)

Greater Union, Shellharbour (Australia)

Majestic Cinemas, The Entrance (Australia)

Palace Electric Cinema, Canberra (Australia)

Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction, Sydney (Australia)

Wallis Cinemas Noarlunga, Adelaide (Australia)

HOTA, Home Of The Arts, Gold Coast (Australia)


A calendar of our future screenings is available here.