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Rubber Jellyfish has screened by activists, organisations, community groups, festivals, and universities in over 80 locations all around the world. Screenings have been hosted by Sea Shepherd, Balloons Blow, Algalita, NOAA, Southern Cross University, Sunshine Coast Council, and dozens more. Activists are using the film as a conservation tool to push better legislation across the line and create a social change that is saving the lives of vulnerable endangered animals. We are so thrilled.

The film also streams on YouTube, Tubi, Plex, Clickview, and Prime Video USA.

If you are interested in attending or hosting a screening of Rubber Jellyfish, please visit the Screenings page.

School Screenings  

Rubber Jellyfish is currently available on Clickview within Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The full length version of the film can also be screened with an educational screening license through Conservation Heart Films. A reduced length version is available for free on YouTube.

Please contact us if you would like more information about screening licenses and visit our teacher page.

If you are interested in purchasing a screening license to hold a community screening of Rubber Jellyfish, please contact us.