Community screenings

How to host a public screening of Rubber Jellyfish

To host a public screening in your community you need to buy a one off screening license. The price depends on the size of the venue and whether or not you will be selling tickets. We have set industry standard prices on screenings as a way to generate revenue for our next meaningful creation. Over time, however, we will be dropping the prices significantly to allow greater access to community groups who wish to share the film’s message.

Once you purchase a screening license, we will get in touch with you to find out how we can best supply you with the film. If you will be screening the film in a theatre and will require a DCP, please get in touch with us prior to purchasing a screening license as this is a slightly more complicated process.

All prices are in Australian dollars.

Option 1: A Non-ticketed Screening

Host a community screening where the audience won’t be charged for entry. Price based on Venue capacity.

Less than 60 people

A$ 200

60 – 150 people

A$ 300

150 – 300 people

A$ 400

300+ people

A$ 500

Purchase your Non-ticketed Screening license.

Venue capacity

Option 2: A Ticketed Screening

Choose this option if you’re selling tickets to the screening.

Less than 60 people

A$ 200

60 -120 people

A$ 500

120-250 people

A$ 800

250-500 people

A$ 1200

Purchase a ticketed screening license.

Venue capacity

Option 3: Screening at Educational Institutions

This allows an educational institution to screen the film to an unlimited number of students using the DVD or HD file. Price $250. We can also provide rental codes for students if teachers would like to assign the film as homework.

Purchase an education license (A$250).