Thank you so much for your interest in helping our film’s message spread further by hosting a screening!  There is a vibrant and growing community of people who are interested in sustainability films. The value that viewers get from watching our film and the others in our genre is magnified when viewed in community with others, especially if the event includes speakers who can create a literal conversation with the audience.

To host an On Demand cinema screening, please visit Demand Films and also contact us (we are always happy to be involved in organising screenings!) It is completely free to set up a cinema screening with Demand.Film although guests do need to pre-purchase tickets and a minimum number of tickets must sell for the event to go forward. If this number is not achieved, however, the event is simply cancelled and nobody is charged. We are also usually able to set up some complimentary tickets for organisers and any special guest speakers you may like to invite so please do let us know if you have requested a screening from Demand.Film! We will also send you a pdf with some suggestions for things that have worked for us in the past!

Alternatively, if you would like to host a community screening, please contact us about purchasing a screening license.


Here is a list of Rubber Jellyfish screenings that have already occurred


Community screenings 

Rockingham, WA (Australia) – hosted by Boycott Balloons Fremantle and councillor Andy burns

Kennebunk, Maine (USA) – hosted by Will Jones

Kennebunk High School Kennebunk, Maine (USA) – hosted by Will Jones

Broome, WA (Australia) – hosted by Broome Circle

St Albans (UK) – hosted by Plastic Free St Albans & Sustainable St Albans

Monash, Victoria (Australia) – hosted by Sustainable Monash

The Sustainable City, Dubai – hosted by the Azraq

Plant 4 Bowden (Adelaide, Australia)

Nova SouthEastern University – Florida, USA. Hosted by ‘Balloons Blow’ & ‘Free Our Seas’

Clink Theatre (Port Douglas, Australia) screenings (available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, & USA)

Casuarina (Darwin), NT (Australia) – hosted by ‘Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign Australia)

Yangillup, WA (Australia) – hosted by ‘City of Busselton’

Warringah, Sydney (Australia) – hosted by ‘Northern Beaches Cleanup Crew’

Tinsel Town Theatre, Medford, Oregon (USA) – hosted by ‘Ashley’s Hope’

Capri Theatre, GoodWood, SA (Australia) – hosted by Mary-Rose Alfonsi

Warragul Cinema Arcade, Victoria (Australia) – hosted by Nadine Fourie & Courtney Baker

Hoyts Cinema Warrawong, Sydney (Australia) – hosted by ‘Peloton Against Plastic’

Olympic Cinema, Bremerton, Washington (USA) – hosted by the film maker

The Pivotonian Cinema, Victoria (Australia) – hosted by ‘Geelong Inter-Chuch Social Justice Network’

Cinema Nova, Carlton, Victoria (Australia) – hosted By Sea Shepherd Australia

Event Cinemas, Cronulla, Sydney (Australia) – hosted by Sarah-Jo Lobwein

Village Cinemas Hobart (Australia) – hosted by ‘Small World Documentaries’

Events Cinemas, Coffs Harbour (Australia) – hosted by ‘Deer Owl Productions’

Event Cinemas Pacific Fair, Gold Coast (Australia)- hosted by Demand.Film

BCC Cinemas, Mackay (Australia) – hosted by Luana Giordano

Event Cinemas, Brisbane (Australia) – hosted by the Demand.Film

Luna on SX, Fremantle (Australia) – hosted by ‘Boycott Balloons Freemantle’

Greater Union, Shellharbour (Australia) – hosted by ‘Oceans in Focus & The Two Week Red Bin Challenge’

Majestic Cinemas, The Entrance (Australia) – hosted by ‘Australian Seabird Rescue’

Palace Electric Cinema, Canberra (Australia) – hosted by the film maker

Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction, Sydney (Australia) – hosted by ‘Embrace the Change’

Wallis Cinemas Noarlunga, Adelaide (Australia) – hosted by ‘Eco Party Box’

HOTA, Home Of The Arts, Gold Coast (Australia) – hosted by the film maker


A calendar of our future screenings is available here.