Accepted into the Documentary Australia Foundation

By July 11, 2016 November 2nd, 2016 news

Big news for the Rubber Jellyfish film!

I am pleased to announce that my film about the effects of balloon litter on endangered sea turtle populations has been accepted into the Documentary Australia Foundation!

The Documentary Australia Foundation is a private philanthropic initiative that aims to inspire and nurture partnerships between philanthropic grantmakers, not for profits and documentary film makers. Click here to view our DAF campaign and learn more about the film and its conservation importance.

The great thing about being accepted into DAF is it means that all donations over $2 are tax deductible!  The downside is that we are not allowed to offer any additional perks (aside from thanking you in the film’s credits).  For those of you that may like to donate but aren’t necessarily worried about the tax benefit, we have also set up a Paypal account.  All donations through Paypal of $30AU or more will receive a free digital download of the completed film.

Why are we seeking financial assistance? So far, the film has been self funded by the film maker. We have come a long way on our own but an inflow of cash will help get us where we need to be.

Our funding goal of $20,000 will cover all of our finishing costs – editing, purchasing of music, and legal fees!  Please view our donations page for an update on where we are at with our goal.

It’s an exciting time for us here on the Rubber Jellyfish team. Our film will expose the balloon industry for 30 years of misrepresenting science and leading consumers to believe that balloons are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We would be so grateful for your contribution which will help bring this issue into the limelight and give our world’s sea turtles a severely needed helping hand.

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